Elizabeth I: The Life of Gloriana – 2022

Online Elizabeth I conference 7-16 September 2022

10 days of daily talks and live Q&A sessions with THE best Elizabeth I experts.

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Claire, I have to tell you that I just love the way you present information. Your extraordinary expertise never weighs down the presentation. You bring such clarity, balance and perspective to your remarks.


Many thanks for this brilliant event as well as the gifts and all the work involved. I’ve enjoyed it so much.


First and foremost, I wanted to send out a huge thank you to you and to Tim for putting this event together. It has been an absolute delight and I am so glad that I was able to be a part of it. I have learned so much about Anne that I didn't know before and, while I've been a "fan" of hers for over a decade, this conference has brought her into a new light for me.


It's been wonderful to listen to the presentations, and I plan to listen to them again! This whole program has been a real pleasure!


Thank you for a great event. I learned a lot.


I have so much enjoyed these days and events!


Thank you so much for putting together this event! It's been something I've looked forward to every evening, and I've learned so much from the talks and Q&As. As I said in the chatroom, it's been worth every penny, so thank you.


The event was like having a personally delivered documentary!


I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for "Anne Boleyn, the Woman who Changed England" event. It was not 'just' a Masterclass but a total experience. The guest speakers, each with a unique and personal approach, brought new insights into the ups and downs of Anne Boleyn's significance in history as a whole, but also provided a window into the intimate experience of Anne Boleyn, her family and her contemporaries. The interaction with the fellow followers was an experience in itself. People from Canada, USA, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Germany (I hope I didn’t forgot any) and myself from Flanders found each other around the same theme. Although I have been fascinated by Anne Boleyn and family for more than 55 years, I gained a lot of new knowledge


'Anne Boleyn - the woman who changed England' expertly curated by Claire Ridgway brought together a group of historians who generously shared their knowledge. The various talks on Anne's early life and the influences that shaped the woman she became left me with a vivid picture of her and why she was a worthy Queen Consort. Very enjoyable, informative and good value; I'll definitely be signing up for any similar events in the future.


The Woman Who Changed History was a wonderful event and I enjoyed it very much. The level of scholarship involved was impressive and all the presentations were fascinating - I learned a great deal. The Q&A sessions really contributed to the event’s success. Claire is very organized with great attention to detail, and is genuinely concerned that all participants receive the best possible learning experience. This event was well worth the price, and I would be happy to sign up for another - thank you!


I just received my book and I'm looking forward to reading it. I enjoyed all of the presentations. Your current series on Anne's fall has been wonderful. I hope you will offer more in the future. Thank you very much for all you do to advance Tudor research.


I just wanted to thank you for the terrific Anne Boleyn course over the past week! It was really special to hear about the events of May 1536 in "real-time," (and sometimes live!) and to get to experience them with a great group of people. It was so immersive.