Claire Ridgway

Claire Ridgway is a well-known writer of history books about the Tudor dynasty, with a particular focus on the life of the Boleyn family. Since 2009 she has run the websites and Claire is also the founder of The Tudor Society.

The Tudor Society

With members from all around the globe, The Tudor Society was founded in 2014 and has quickly become the go-to place for Tudor enthusiasts because of the high quality of the unique articles, the Tudor focused magazines, and the experts it attracts.

The members have access to absolutely everything on the website, currently including lots of magazine back issueshundreds of hours of video and all of the monthly expert lectures and hundreds of weekly quizzes.

The Anne Boleyn Files

In 2009, Claire set up her Tudor history website,, and it rapidly grew into a major website for the study of the Tudor period.

Where she wanted to share her journey into the annals of history with other people who have an interest in Anne Boleyn and the Tudor period, and thought that a blog would be the perfect forum.

Also fully admitting to being addicted to Anne Boleyn and Tudor history, and she is on a crusade to debunk the myths surrounding Anne Boleyn and educate the world about the REAL Anne Boleyn.



24 July - A converted priest loses his life #shorts

On this day in Tudor history, 24th July 1594, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Catholic priest John Boste was executed in Durham.

Find out more about Boste and what ...
led to his brutal end in this edition of #TudorHistoryShorts from historian Claire Ridgway.

Other "on this day" events for 24th July:

July 24 - Richard Hesketh and his plot to depose Elizabeth I
July 24 - Mary, Queen of Scots abdicates -

Claire is the founder of the Tudor Society, an online membership site for those who love Tudor history. There, you can learn from Claire and many other expert historians and authors, enjoy Tudor-focused magazines and live Q&A sessions with experts, and have access to all kinds of talks, articles, quizzes, virtual tours and more. Try it with a 14-day free trial -

Claire has written some bestselling Tudor history books:

On This Day in Tudor History -
The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown -
George Boleyn: Tudor Poet, Courtier and Diplomat -
The Anne Boleyn Collection -
The Anne Boleyn Collection II -
The Anne Boleyn Collection III -
The Life of Anne Boleyn Colouring Books -

Claire has also done an online history course, The Life of Anne Boleyn, for -

You can find Claire at:
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