Tudor Society

You’re a Tudor history lover.
You’re on the way to becoming a Tudor history buff.
In order to do that, you want accurate history, resources you can depend on.
The problem is information overload and overwhelm, which makes you frustrated and confused. How are you meant to know what you can trust?
I believe it’s important for you to be able to get at the facts and grow in your knowledge. To become an expert if you want to!
I understand how the Tudor history world is such a minefield, which is why I set up the Tudor Society.
With the Tudor Society, you can

  • Find trustworthy resources in one place
  • Deepen your knowledge and understanding by learning from reputable experts
  • And find a community with which to share your passion for history and expand your knowledge

The Tudor Society is a membership site that helps you to learn accurate Tudor history from reputable experts and vetted resources, while being part of a community of Tudor history lovers who share your passion for Tudor history.

Do you want to deepen your Tudor knowledge?