You’re a Tudor history lover. You’ve binged watched The Tudors, read The Other Boleyn Girl over and over, watched every documentary and Tudor history series going, and you’re hungry for the truth – the fact behind the fiction.

That's how I was in early 2009

I'd grown up learning about the Tudors at school and university, and I had always been fascinated by this larger than life dynasty.

But in 2009, they became a huge part of my life

I'd been watching Showtime's The Tudors series, and one night I had a dream

It was awful. I was a member of the crowd within the confines of the Tower of London at Queen Anne Boleyn's execution

I knew she was 100% innocent, but I was powerless to save her. I tried to cry out, but my mouth was dry and my throat closed up on me. I remember the horror I felt as I saw the executioner swing the sword...

I woke up in a cold sweat, shook my husband awake and told him that I needed to find out the truth about Anne Boleyn's life and fall, and that he needed to help me set up a blog called The Anne Boleyn Files.

Tim sleepily agreed and over the next few weeks, The Anne Boleyn Files was born and I started blogging as I researched Anne Boleyn

But to get to the truth, I needed access to reputable and accurate resources.

And there is so much information, and misinformation out there - so many books, videos, documentaries, blogs, talks…. How could I know who’s telling the truth? It made me confused and frustrated because I just didn’t know which information was credible.

I realised just how challenging it was to find reputable resources, to find the tools I needed to learn accurate Tudor history. One book said one thing, the next book another. At times, I was quite literally banging my head on my desk. Fortunately, I made connections with people who could point me in the right direction, and I was so very grateful.

I had an incredible journey from novice to expert, from beginner blogger to historian, from writing content for others to being the author of 12 history books.

It was this journey and my passion for education that made we want to help others learn about Tudor history.

I believe that it’s important for you to be able to get at the facts, to be able to peel back the layers of centuries of myths and to learn the true history of the fascinating Tudors. That way, you can discuss Tudor history with friends and in social media groups confidently and know what you’re talking about. It’s also incredibly satisfying to know that you can sort fact from fiction.

It's why I founded the Tudor Society, where I have helped hundreds of people worldwide go from being a Tudor history lover to Tudor history buff, someone who can separate fact from fiction - and the facts are always more exciting!
Connecting members with experts and resources, and creating a Tudor history community has led to members becoming confident in researching history, talking about it and even, in some cases, blogging about it, doing presentations on it and writing books about it.

In everything I do, I want to help people to stop feeling confused by the many myths that surround the Tudors and instead know the truth about them and feel confident in talking and writing about them.

My mission is to discover the truth about the Tudor, share it and help others find the tools to discover it for themselves.