Introducing Speaker No. 4, author, historian and podcaster Natalie Grueninger

"Anne Boleyn, the Woman who changed England" is a week of daily talks and live Q&A sessions with THE best Anne Boleyn experts where you'll meet a very new Anne Boleyn and understand why she changed the course of English history. It's taking place completely online, so you'll be able to attend from the comfort of your home, which is brilliant in these uncertain times.

The event features seven days of online talks and Q&A sessions with eight Boleyn experts, and one of these experts is Natalie Grueninger. I've known Natalie for years, ever since she started her popular "On the Tudor Trail" blog, and I know just how dedicated she is to bringing accurate Tudor history to life for people all over the world.

Natalie will be speaking with her co-author, Sarah Morris, on "In the Footsteps of the Early Years of Anne Boleyn". Natalie and Sarah have this to say of their talk:

"Have you ever wanted to know more about some of the places Anne Boleyn knew intimately during her early years in England, Mechelen and France? Drawing upon the extensive research undertaken for the writing of our No 1 Amazon bestseller, "In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn", join us for a lively adventure as we reimagine Anne's early years through the places she visited and called home.

From Blickling Hall to Paris and the glorious chateaux of the Loire, we will describe the buildings she knew, and explore some of the early, cultural forces that we believe shaped Anne Boleyn's later character and tastes. Pack your virtual bags and get ready to time travel!"

Oooh, it sounds wonderful. I do love travelling vicariously!

I'm sure many of you will already know Natalie well, but here's her bio:

Natalie Grueninger is a researcher, author, podcaster and educator, who lives in Australia with her husband and two children.

In 2009 she created On the Tudor Trail, a website dedicated to teaching and promoting Tudor history.
Natalie is fascinated by all aspects of life in Tudor England and has spent more than a decade researching the period. She’s also passionate about amplifying women's voices and building supportive and uplifting online communities.

Her first non-fiction book, co-authored with Sarah Morris, "In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn", was published by Amberley Publishing in the UK in September 2013. Book number two in the series, "In the Footsteps of the Six Wives of Henry VIII", was released in the UK in March 2016. In 2017, Natalie collaborated with illustrator Kathryn Holeman to create "Colouring History: The Tudors", a unique and beautifully illustrated colouring book for grown-ups that features images and scenes inspired by the ever-fascinating Tudor dynasty. The second book in the series, "Colouring History: Tudor Queens and Consorts", was released in May 2018.

Natalie's first solo book, "Discovering Tudor London", was published in the UK by The History Press in August 2017. She is currently working on a book about the final year of Anne Boleyn's life, due for publication in November 2022.

Natalie is the host of "Talking Tudors", a podcast for lovers of Tudor history, and the founder of the Women's History Circle, dedicated to promoting the work of women creatives with a passion for history.

Do join Natalie, Sarah and five other Boleyn experts in "Anne Boleyn, the Woman who changed England" 28 Feb to 6 March.

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