Becoming Elizabeth Episode 1 Live Chat – Friday 17 June

As part of my online event "Elizabeth I: The Life of Gloriana, the Virgin Queen", I'm holding weekly live chats in the event chatroom to discuss each episode of "Becoming Elizabeth".

The series focuses on Elizabeth's life before she ascended the throne and episode one opens with Henry VIII's death and the accession of Elizabeth's nine-year-old half-brother, Edward VI. The episode had rich pickings for discussion, and I can't wait to dissect and discuss it with other Tudor history lovers!

This week's chat will be at the following times:

  • London, UK - Friday 17 June at 10pm
  • Madrid, Spain - Friday 17 June at 11pm
  • New York, US - Friday 17 June at 5pm
  • Los Angeles, US - Friday 17 June at 2pm
  • Sydney, Australia - Saturday 18 June at 7am
  • Adelaide, Australia - Saturday 18 June at 6.30am

You can check other time zones at

Each chat will last an hour.

I'm going to try and keep them on Fridays but might have to change a couple to Saturday.

We can dissect the episode, talks about the cast, costumes locations, storyline, real history etc., and also get to know each other. Chatroom chats are always fun. It's so very wonderful to talk Tudor to people whose eyes don't glaze over!

As I said, these chats are part of my online event which starts properly in September. You can register at and then you'll be able to access the chatroom.

I do hope you can come!

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